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Our Process

Ann Arbor Doctor's Real Estate | Our Process

Step 1: Diagnostic / Discovery Meeting


The first step in purchasing your Ann Arbor / Metro Detroit Home, would be to schedule a meeting. Where we would go over your ‘Wish-List’ for your new residence. Doing this upfront diagnosis of your real estate needs will save hours of your valuable time and make your house-hunting process much more productive and hassle-free.


A small sampling of the items we would discuss:


  • Styles of home you like?

  • What type of neighborhood you envision you and your family living in?

  • Which schools are available to you?

  • Which schools are the best?

  • Crime Statistics?

  • What amenities are important to you in your new home?

  • Single Family or Residential?  Proximity to freeways, shopping, schools?

  • New Construction? Custom Home?

  • Historical Building?

  • Ideal commute time?

  • Do you need a referral for a Realtor if you’re moving out of the area?

  • Are you looking for an urban or suburban setting?

  • What are the property tax ramifications of City vs Township locations?

  • Green or eco-friendly home?

  • Turn-key property or a fixer upper?

  • Space for Prayer Room?

  • Multi-Generation Floor-plans?

  • Financing options sources and lender info?

  • Offer strategies.

  • Marketing strategies (If you’re selling a home)

  • Time-frame for your sale or purchase?

  • What pre-sale improvements are needed for your home?

  • And more…

Step 2: Schedule the property(s) tour


Once, we’ve narrowed our search to a particular style of home, price range and neighborhood I will schedule preview times ensuring that you see only the properties you may be interested in and for the time you need.

We can show any and all of the homes that meet your criteria-no matter what Broker they may be listed with, as well as new listings as they come on the market. I know your schedule involves working some very long hours, which leaves you with very limited time for your home search. Well, I get that. So, I structure my schedule around your schedule, to be availabe whenever you may need me.

Step 3: Utilize the latest in Real Estate Technology


We utilize leading edge technology to tailor your customized search for the perfect home. We embrace the latest technology tools to help make the home buying or selling process easy for you. This includes offering automatic listing searches that scour the internet 24/7, looking for that ‘perfect home. Our cutting-edge Dotloop Electronic Signature System, which enables our clients to sign or revise any associated documents related to their transaction from anywhere in the world. All your need is an Internet Connection and your Tablet Device, Desktop, or Smart Phone. Whatever we can do to make the buying/selling process easier for you, and save your valuable time-we'll do it!  We are always striving to perfect the buying or selling experience for our clients!

Step 4: Negotiate for you


“You don’t get what you deserve-you get what you negotiate.” – Chester L. Karrass


The above quotation is so true…especially in the negotiation process of buying or selling a home. When you have tens of thousands of dollars at stake, not having an experienced negotiator on your team, can be very costly to your bottom-line.  One of my strong suites, is my ability to achieve the absolute best terms for my buying and selling clients. There are so many negotiation points in a real estate transaction. The sales price is the big one of course.


However there are many others as well; Possession dates, EMD amount, repairs of defects (who pays-seller or buyer?) found on the home inspection, closing costs, and numerous other points. What makes me such a skillful negotiator? Simple…I negotiate on your behalf as if it were my own money on the line. Plus, I am a Certified Negotiation Expert - trained in the Art of Negotiations. Less than 1% of Realtors have this training and skill.

Step 5: Manage the hundreds of details for you


Many of my clients are purchasing their new home long-distance-usually from another State. That alone adds tremendous stress to an already stressful event. Whether you’re purchasing the home while currently living in the area, or making the purchase from out of state-don’t you worry about a thing.


 I’ve got you covered and will make sure no detail is overlooked. I am obsessed in making sure all the critical details of your sale are managed for you. From negotiating the best sales price and terms for you, to the all-important home inspections. Plus all other numerous and critical details of the sale. I’ve got it handled. So your closing on your new home is as seamless and smooth as possible. Whatever it takes- I will do it!

Step 6:  Pre-closing phase


Congrats! You’re almost there. The 2 weeks before closing are perhaps the most crucial period of the sale. This where I need to be very hands on as there are almost always last minute “glitches” that if not handled quickly could jeopardize the entire sale. This is the period when the closing documents are sent out to you for your review. These documents will show you a breakdown of all of the costs involved in your sale. I will go over these documents with you to make sure that you understand everything, and that there are no errors-and that you are comfortable with everything.  


We will also have to schedule the final walk-through of your soon to be new home-to make sure that all of the agreed upon inclusion are there, and that there is no damage to the home from the sellers move-out process. There are a thousand and one additional items I have to monitor that if I listed here, would take up three pages. Suffice it to say that I have systems that manages the Pre-closing period so you will not have to worry about anything at.

Step 7: Closing


Congrats again! You made it to the closing table. This is where all of the lenders and closing documents are signed. This is also when the property actually transfers from the seller to you, and you receive the keys to your new home!

The closing process (if everything has been managed properly by me-and it will be!) will be very uneventful with no surprises. I will be in attendance with you at the closing of course.


NOTE:  Many of my clients are unable to physically attend the closing as they are still living in another state. That is no problem if that is your situation, as our Title Company can do what is called a ‘mail away’ closing, and overnight all required forms to you in time for the closing. In this situation, I will be at the closing here locally for you, to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Step 8: Post-closing


Even though it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ and you are now comfortably in your new home, I want you to know that I will be available whenever you have a real estate question, or need the name of a good plumber or interior decorator. All you have to do is call. I consider all of my clients like family, and will do almost anything I can to help out.  So please… never hesitate in contacting me if you ever need anything at all. I’m always here for you.

To help simplify your home buying and selling experience... I have created a process that helps cut down on the time you need to devote to pinpointing the exact home that fits your needs and budget. My process also is designed to keep the stress levels of your relocation and home purchase/sale to minimum or non-existant levels. Making your relocation seamless and stress-free as possible is what I do.

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