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Hello and welcome! My name is Steve Wickland, President of Doctors’ Real Estate Concierge, the only Full-Service Real Estate Practice in Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit that specializes in representing the busy Medical Professional client.

You Are Our Priority
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We offer unparalleled service to Medical Professionals in the Ann Arbor, Northville and Plymouth Real Estate Markets. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

Meet Steve 
Ann Arbor Physicians' Realtor | Steve Wickland

Hello, I'm Steve Wickland, Principal of the Wickland Group, and known around Ann Arbor as the Physicians' Realtor. My team and I offer our Medical Professional Clients a true Ann Arbor Real Estate Concierge Experience.

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Known to locals as AA or A2, this city of 113,206 holds a special place in the hearts of each and every resident. The University of Michigan is considered to many to be the motor behind business, innovation and vitality in Ann Arbor and downtown is our jewel.

Steve Wickland-The Doctors Realtor
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For many of my Physician clients, purchasing a home and relocating to a new area while simultaneously dealing with a busy career and family obligations can be very stressful-especially if you’re trying to do so while living in another state. Well not to worry. I am an expert at managing the hundreds of details associated with a local, and especially, a long-distance home purchase.


Many of my clients have only a few days to find a property to purchase before they have to return home. Once my client is back home (typically in another of state) they then rely on me to handle the numerous details (i.e. offer and counter-offers, negotiations, home inspection items, attorney review, scheduling and monitoring any needed repairs, closing/title documents, etc.,) The fact that my client can completely count on me to look out for their best interests, and handle all of the nuances of their sale-makes their entire relocation experience much more manageable. My clients can rest assured knowing that 'I have their backs' (and front and sides too!)


Add to this my extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, 25 plus years of experience in the construction industry (I am a Licensed Builder), and the fact that I am a Certified Negotiation Expert are all benefits my clients can profit from as well. Suffice it to say…'When it comes to helping you with the daunting process of relocating to a new area and purchasing your new home…nobody will do a better job of representing you than I will. I guarantee it.'


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